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About us
Located in gaoyong chemical industrial park of gaogang,taizhou of jiang province, TAIZHOU SUNNY CHEMICAL CO.,LTD is one leading high-tech chemical manufacturer under cooperation with Dalian University of Technology. At present about 40% of our products are exported to such countries and regions as Korea, Japan, Tailand, America, Singapore and Nigeria.
methanesulfonic acid,
tin(ll) methanesulfonate,
triphenyl phsophite,
dimethyl disulfide,
methanesulfonyl chloride,
Methyl fluoroacetate
Polyhexamethyleneguanidine hydrochloride,
PHMB powder 99%
Poly(iminocarbonimidoyliminocarbonimidoylimino-1,6-hexanediyl) hydrochloride
Strong technical force, advanced production technology, superior product testing methods and quality assurance system  are our strong point on quality control. We insists on working with domestic institutions, scientific research institutions to establish cooperative relations, and constantly develop and research new products to meet the different needs of customers.